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Every fool can get people sign up for free offers -think many people and start CPA affiliate marketing. But the truth is that CPA affiliate marketing should be treated as a real online business, not just a child’s play. So if you are building a long term business, you will have to work towards a business plan and work hard on building a profitable business.

 CPA Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

I have made the same mistakes long ago and had to watch my affiliate earnings dry up whenever a campaign came to an end or people just simply got bored with the offer. Or if you have already sent 100 visitors to one specific offer, and it has still not converted, you might want to stop losing money, and change the offer, without having to rewrite all your ads, articles and PPC campaigns that can be time consuming.

 CPA Link Tracking

To stop losing your affiliate earnings, you will have to set up link trackers or shorteners for every single affiliate link you have with different CPA networks, so when the links stop functioning or the offer is withdrawn, you will be able to quickly redirect the offer to another, similar, and profitable offer. Let’s say that you are promoting a free laptop offer and the offer is withdrawn. Your CPA network might decide to redirect the traffic to a free dating site, which is not the best option for you. Therefore you want to find another free laptop offer and simply change the link, therefore your conversions will not be totally ruined.

You have to try and spend more time on working on professional advertising CPA promotions and campaigns and less on generating traffic. So in order to do this you will have to start with positioning yourself as an expert withing the niche you are targeting with CPA affiliate promotions. Don’t think that pop ups and banners work just as they used to years ago, just because you have read some old, outdated and rewritten e books on how simple CPA affiliate marketing is. The promotion methods detailed in them are definitely not working the same way they used to, and if you are told that you can make a fortune posting free ads on craigslist or backpage, you need to think again. It is much harder to get an ad accepted on these sites today, and still keep your account.

 CPA Affiliate Training

So if you want to make proper money with CPA affiliate marketing you need to make people enter your own sales funnel, instead of a one-off commission you can profit from them multiple times, and increasing your CPA affiliate profits effortlessly. So you have to set up a laser targeted website for every michro-niche and get people follow your posts, but first of all you need to give them a reason why. You need to work out a tactic to enter the most people in your sales funnel, so you will be able to profit from them for a long time.

 CPA Affiliate Business

Yes, to get in a couple of quids from CPA affiliate marketing can be easy, but to build a lasting CPA business you actually have to work out a business plan and spend your time on mastering traffic generation tactics. The tactics are actually very well detailed in CPA Relapse One and Two Video training program.