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The Internet is full of affiliate marketing training scams, and in the below article we would like to review whether the new sensation Commission Shortcut is one of them. The main characteristics of online scams is that there is usually an actor featuring on the video showing you “real time” Clickbank accounts and trying to convince you that the figures are a result of the magic button you need to buy next. We have gone further than assuming that the Commission Shortcut is one of these affiliate training products and you can read the details below.


Chris Freville and Internet Marketing

Chris Freville has been marketing online for more than a decade, and he is one of the most successful affiliate marketers on Clickbank. He has been training hundreds, if not thousands of affiliates to make a living online, and has developed systems to improve campaigns and conversion. He is one of the most credible guys in the marketplace, but this does not mean that he is not simply selling a script worth 4 dollars for 40.


What the Commission Shortcut is About

It is a simple to follow system that will work in any niche for affiliate marketing. It creates special reports, takes care of all the aspects of list building, branding and selecting programs. It even automates the report creation by branding the links to point to your affiliate landing page and inserts relevant banners. Now, that is a simple system to newbies, and if you do  not have a sales funnel set up yet, Commission Shortcut can be the solution.


Can You Check Out the Affiliate Marketing Program Free?

The good news is that you can try the program and if you are not happy with your purchase, there is an industry leader 60 day money back guarantee. Still, the price is quite high; 47 dollars, but if you take into consideration that you get the platform, software and reports together with the training videos, it is not too much. Obviously, the system does not worth anything if you do not put it in good use, and that is why you need to ensure that you check the traffic training on the site as well.

Is the Commission Shortcut Suitable for Newbies?

The Commission Shortcut is designed for newbies who are struggling with finding the right system that works in affiliate marketing. People do not have to re-invent the wheel; instead just copy and paste the campaigns that are proven to work.  You do not have to write your own content or design your pages, insert your links or banners. The framework for affiliate marketing success is already in place for you. In fact, the authors have tested the system on complete newbies from the street and got them to get set up on the Internet earning immediate commission.


Commission Shortcut and Clickbank

You can integrate the system with any Clickbank product. No previous experience is required, as all the steps from product creation to website and link set up are included. You should definitely watch the video of the “dancer” making over 100 dollars a day online following a couple of simple steps. The test is very promising, therefore, I would recommend you to watch the Commission Shortcut video till the end before you make a final decision.