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When people are looking for affiliate marketing training, they often opt for push-button solutions that are not suitable for those who are just starting up online or do not work at all. Commission Shortcut was a great hit online a year back or so, while some people claimed that it never worked for them. The new version is out, and you can find out from the below review whether it is any better or delivers its promises. Do not look at the usual Clickbank screenshots you have already fallen for; find out the truth behind the Commission Shortcut 2 and decide for yourself whether this is the right affiliate marketing training for you.


What is Commission Shortcut 2.0

The program is supposed to help webmasters and affiliate marketers get more traffic and conversions. The sales video is pretty flashy, just like we are used to and it also promises easy money. Now, the truth is that if everyone who ever bought an affiliate training got that feature, the internet would be full of millionaires. We got skeptical there. However, the authors promise that this is different. It is suitable for newbies and super-cheap. It works with PLR and branded reports that the software distributes and gets traffic with affiliate commissions. It looks simple enough to try.


The Updates of Commission Shortcut 2

The authors of Commission Shortcut have brought in some tests on the video to see how ordinary people without any knowledge of affiliate marketing and traffic generation would manage to pull in an income. The daily sales snapshots on the videos are promising, and it looks like the Commission Shortcut 2.0 will really deliver more results than the previous version. The British Lad is claiming to make around half a million in 29 days. Pretty awesome. Need to know more….


$100 Discount on Commission Shortcut 2

When you land on the sales page the video featuring Commission Shortcut review is starting immediately. The proof is in the video, and the people featured in the money making venture seem to be real. The page also tells you that you do not need experience to plug into the system and start making money immediately. Pretty awesome. You get a $100 discount in the first few days of the promotion, so if you are thinking about getting the Commission Shortcut 2.0 it is just the time to act.


Final Commission Shortcut 2.0 Review

Like the previous version, the Commission Shortcut 2 is a simple system to use and is suitable for generating traffic through PDF reports. Some of the initial mistakes of the program were corrected, and this ensures that people will be able to avoid plagiarism notices and getting banned from sites.  It is also new and unique, so one can really achieve great success without much work, provided that they use the software in a clever way. Still, as there is a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee on the Commission Shortcut 2, it is fair to say that it is worth a try, especially for those who have been struggling with affiliate marketing for a long time.

Check out the video below.