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In case you are looking for the latest affiliate product that will automate your Clickbank business, the Commission Autopilot is a good bet. Still, there are various Commission Autopilot reviews around the Internet, and if you want to compare the system with Tim Bekker’s New Clickbank Code, you can find out the details below.


What the Commission Autopilot Really Is?

The software has nothing to do with SEO, article writing or any other bum affiliate marketing methods. You will see that the program is able to automate your affiliate business in just a few hours. You do not have to build hundreds of websites or have a blog to make money with Clickbank. The Three modules are: Commission Activator, Commission Multiplier and Commission Autopilot. The software is not a simple script, like many other Clickbank products, and it is extremely easy to use.


Is There a Commission Autopilot Scam?

Not many people call out saying that there is a Commission Autopilot scam out there. Most people who have tried the system have managed to set up promotions in just a couple of hours. The knowledge of Paul Ponna and the advanced scripts would shorten the time you spend on promotion, setting up pages and links.


Does Paul Ponna Make Money with Commission Autopilot?

It is not for us to check if Paul Ponna makes money with this software or the sales of his products, like the Commission Autopilot. He certainly does make a lot of money with affiliate programs and Clickbank. Still, to determine whether it is a valuable software, you would need to watch the video that reveals the details. We have checked out the three modules ourselves, and – although there are no long term trends to determine the effectiveness – the initial tests were very promising.


What You Get With Commission Autopilot?

You get the manuals, video training and the three software suites. It is also not built on paid advertising methods, and this means that you will immediately be able to make money even if you never had more than a hundred dollars on your Clickbank commission account. It is not a magic button, and I would not say that the Commission Autopilot is suitable for complete newbies out there. It is, however, a very valuable piece of software that can multiply your affiliate commissions in a matter of days.


Final Words About Commission Autopilot

If you have no idea about making money online as an affiliate, I would recommend that you would first check out Tim Bekker’s Whitehat Copycat training before investing into the Commission Autopilot. However, if you feel like you know what Clickbank marketing is all about and want to take your affiliate business further, it is essential that you would give the program a try. If you put in a couple of hours of work to set up your own Clickbank sales funnel, you can benefit from the exclusive software suite and will not call the Commission Autopilot scam.