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Many people get the task to create backlinks wrong. This costs them a great deal, and Google does murder sites if they do not play by the new Penguin and Google Panda rules. That is why the Backlink Detonator has been created. Read our full Backlink Detonator review bonuses below. There are many happy customers already who have received the review copy of Backlink Detonator.


What the Backlink Detonator is About

You would need to play by Google’s rules in 2012 or you will get slapped. This is not easy. There are many methods that used to work back two years ago, but they do not any more. Article directories have lost their power, so did some of the paid methods. Therefore, there is a need for a new approach. That is exactly what the Backlink Detonator is about.


Who is Behind the Backlink Detonator

The book is written by MAO Flinn, one of the most respected SEO guys out there. He has had some stunning reviews before on his WSO offers on the Warrior Forum, and he has just done it again. The book is more than a hundred and fifty pages long and is suitable for both newbies and advanced marketers who want to avoid the Google Slap. After Google Penguin and Panda, there is a need for training if one wants to stay in front of customers for a long time. Internet marketers trust the author, and if you want to gain insight, you should, too.


Does the Backlink Detonator Work after Google Penguin?

The course is designed to give you the competitive advantage in SEO after Google Penguin. The Backlink Detonator only contains information that is relevant in 2012. Therefore, it is fair to say that it is one of the best courses out there if you want to survive Google updates. Obviously, several books have been born on the topic, one of them are covering the basics of link building in a shorter form by myself: Instant SEO Blueprint after Penguin, and you can get the “How to get the Google Love” as well, if you want a shorter and easier to consume training material.


What is the Price of the Backlink Detonator?

Initially, the Backlink Detonator will be available for 9.97, however, the price is likely to increase with time. It is likely that the training will create a huge buzz in the affiliate marketing and Internet world, therefore, the more popular it becomes the more people will buy it and the higher the final price will be.


Reviews of the Backlink Detonator

There are plenty of reviews of the Backlink Detonator published on the sales page, and you need to know that they are from people who gained access to the book before the public did. You need to know that these people might be previous customers, and they got the book for free, so  it is likely that they would give the author a positive review. Still, it is a good idea to check out these reviews before you buy the Backlink Detonator.


Final Review: Is the Backlink Detonator a Scam?

It is fair to say that the Backlink Detonator is not a scam; it is pure and useful content for all webmasters who are looking for ways to survive Google Penguin and Panda. It is a comprehensive guide to building safe and legal backlinks.