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Affiliate marketing is easy once you found the methods that work for you. The time it takes to master affiliate marketing depends on your willingness to learn and also your decisions. Don’t take anything for granted when it comes to online advertising, things change very quickly, so you need to make changes, too as you go along. Something that used to be hot 2 years ago and you read about it in an e book might not work today, or work differently.

 Affiliate Training – Is it Worth the Money?

The problem with most of the trainings is that they are only covering the general methods and don’t go into details when it comes to a method of affiliate marketing. As there are literally hundreds of methods to achieve affiliate marketing success, it would be a very long book to cover ev ery single method. So those “so called” gurus are only covering the methods that work for them, that are not necessarily the methods that will work for you, too.

 Advanced Traffic Methods

Not all the methods will work the same for you, so the key to success is testing. You need to find one that is in line with your personality, and abilities, as well. Many people find some traffic generation techniques boring, or too complicated, that is why about 90% of people starting with for example Adwords will fail, as they have no patience for testing and researching the keywords. If you are this kind of person, don’t even go there, or you will end up losing money instead of making affiliate revenue. Although, if you are the kind of person who loves sharing and communicates well, social media would be your piece of pie.

 Free Affiliate Traffic

Before you spend a huge amount of money on advertising it is always useful to test an offer on free traffic. That is a rule I have started to apply long ago and it has already saved me a lot of money. If I am sending out a free solo email for my list for example and it turns out to be a success, I might consider buying e-zine spots and advertise that way. Although if not, I can still do split-test campaigns, therefore maximize conversions before I am paying for traffic.

 Tracking Affiliate Links

You need to make sure that you are tracking your results and improving your methods that bring in the most traffic and revenue while getting rid of the methods that are not working. If you are involved in CPA affiliate marketing, it will be really easy by signing up to a free account on Tracking 202, that will give you the statistics you need in order to make the positive changes. If you are not advertising CPA offers, but are involved in other affiliate programs, there are loads of tracking systems you can use that will give you IP addresses, exact time of the visit and also the referring source.


It is only you who will be able to learn and master the methods, nobody will give you an exact blueprint that will be guaranteed to work for your offers. Therefore pay attention to the details, keep track of your conversions and test and tweak pages continuously.