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If you were feeling like you were not moving to the next stage of your internet affiliate marketing in 2012, you might need to have a look at your strategies and products in order to get ready for the new challenges. The below guide will help you determine the right direction for your promotions, offers and traffic generation methods to rock affiliate marketing in 2013.


Industry Changes

There have been many changes in the past year; from strict rules to Clickbank policies and SEO ranking. However, those who have been providing value and information for people are still able to make money on the internet. Some of these people continue with marketing with articles and press releases and use the right disclosures on their affiliate marketing websites. The most important task for your marketing in 2013 is to review the offers and the promotion guidelines before you jump on an offer or network. CPA companies compete even more in the New Year, as advertisers are short of funds, and this means that you can maximize your affiliate commissions.


SEO Changes Affect Internet Marketers

Search engine optimization has become harder in 2012, and this means that you have to revise your targeted keywords, channels and the sites or tools you are using. Most of the SEO software are useless after Google’s updates, except for some like SpinnerChief using advanced spinning and submission. However, you will have to continue building links and creating unique content, getting diverse links from sites and submitting videos. However, consistency is more important this year than ever before.


Affiliate Promotions Personalization

Nobody wants to see the very same sales page over and over again. Therefore, if you would like to stand out from the crowd, you need to have unique messages, personalized pages and a professionally written content. If you are not a copywriter, you can hire one or just learn the process of adding graphics, call to action and building up a pitch. As people are still tight on money, you might need to display the message over and over again. If your autoresponder account needs updating, it is time to do it now creating content and sales letters alike. There is nothing worse than sending out promotions for products you are no longer an affiliate for. Make sure that you are reviewing all your offers and check that your links are working. That is one of the main tasks for your 2013 affiliate marketing.


Multiple Channels for your Affiliate Campaign

As the New Year starts, you will have to issue a reality check. Find out where your potential customers are and target them there. Using multiple channels for communication, such as videos, broadcasts and articles, alongside with press releases and PDF files is going to help you create a strategy. However, you have to measure your traffic and conversions to pick the winner and focus on the right traffic generation methods in your affiliate promotions for 2013.