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If you are looking to set new goals to your affiliate marketing business, it is time to get prepared for the challenges the New Year has for you. It is said that 2013 will be tough in affiliate and overall internet marketing; new rules, more competition and advertisement-vary customers. Therefore, you might want to focus on one strategy that has been working for a long time; with making improvements to it for better conversions. This will allows you to earn more without working harder. Find out how below.



You need to look at your campaigns and affiliate networks individually, in order to be able to spot  the winner. This might take a couple of working hours of your busy schedule, but it is also recommended for everyone who takes internet marketing seriously. Retrieving statistical data of the clicks delivered and conversions will help you choose what is really worth promoting. If you have sent more than a thousand targeted visitors to a link and only had a few conversions and low affiliate commissions, it is time to drop that offer.


Improving Affiliate Promotion Conversions

You will also have to look at your sales letters, squeeze pages and affiliate offers in order to check why they do or do not convert. Setting up a Google Analytics account – if you have not done it before – will allow you to compare different versions of the page. It might be that adding some graphics will improve the conversion overnight, or just changing the headline. You will never know until you start measuring.


Reviewing Traffic Sources

You might think that you are sending enough traffic to your affiliate promotions and they still do not convert. However, there is a huge difference between traffic sources. Article marketing is supposed to be high converting, but the process is slow and you might not get enough visitors to convert. Mass traffic buying will have a lower conversion, but it is easier to implement a strategy. If you are currently not doing list building, you might want to know that email traffic has the highest conversion of all. You might have to write some autoresponder messages, but it will be worth the effort.


Find the Most Productive Affiliate Marketing Method

After you review what you have done in 2012, you can look ahead and set your goals for 2013. Do more of the affiliate marketing processes that bring in more money. If you know how much time you have at your hand and what you can do with it, it is time to create a daily checklist and a monthly target. What is your affiliate marketing goal? To earn a set amount of money each month or to build a list of paying customers? No matter which goal you set in the beginning of 2013, you need to stick to it. If you need some help with self-motivation, read the Online Marketing Mindset to guide you through your internet marketing journey.