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Wow, the Mass Profit Formula has finally launched! To be honest, I have been waiting for this for a long time! The creators have promised to deliver the live setup which only takes 82 minutes in a new video! And finally I saw it. If you would like to know if this is just another Clickbank blown-up software or there is real value in the Mass Profit Formula, read on for my honest first hand review!

First I thought that this was serious (the video with Nigel, when he says: “Who the hell are you”. But then I soon realized that it was just a way to differentiate the Mass Profit Formula from other so-called super software. But it does not really mean that the program is different and creates better results, so I decided to check out the software. Here is what I found.


  • Nigel is a Good-looking guy (J)

I really thought that Nigel was a real actor, so almost turned off the video. You know, those hired actors who flash in expensive cars and show you fake screenshots. But he soon made it clear that he used to work in Hollywood. Well, why does he need all that money to pick up girls with those looks?


  • The Mass Profit Formula Really Works for Him, Can it Work For Me?

OK, so I have seen the software in action. I don’t think that it will take only 82 seconds for newbies to set up the system, but possibly I can do it with my own promotions. I have seen Nigel set up a new Clickbank account and bring it up to thousands of dollars. I was looking out for those Hollywood tricks, like faking the videos, or logging in to another account, but I couldn’t find any.



  • I was Expecting the Mass Profit Formula to Sell for More… I Got Suspicious

Well, I was surprised by the price, so I jumped on the offer. I thought: I have lost more than that by falling for gurus before. There was also a money-back guarantee. I thought to myself: if I act fast, I will be ahead of all the other people who will also buy it for a ridiculous price. Nothing to lose, Laura…. Get in!


  • I Have Seen the 82 Minute Installation of Mass Profit Formula

I actually was extremely impressed by the installation process of the Mass Profit formula, and watched the video. There was nothing that looked fake, so I really thought to myself that even with my zero technical knowledge I can do it. But I did want to wait for the 7th. Why? Everything good happens on the 7th of the 7th. I flew through the driving test on this day, and so many other things. So I wanted to see the results on that day.


  • Well, it Looks Like I Need to Wait until Tomorrow until I Install the Process.

You might be disappointed at this point. I haven’t plugged in any campaigns into the system yet, because I am in the process of reviewing the training videos also included in the training.