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Want to Market Your Business Online Without Burning🔥 Your Marketing Budget? 21 Days of Digital Marketing for £21

21 Days to Improve Your Digital Marketing
21 Days to Improve Your Digital Marketing

Whether you’re launching a new business, or just looking to improve your digital marketing knowledge and better support your established business, there are so many things to consider.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out the best ways to boost your digital marketing results, you’re in the right place – the Toucan 21 Days of Digital Marketing course will get you up to speed on everything you’ve been missing. 

Who Is It For?

✔️ Overwhelmed SME Owners

✔️People getting mixed information

✔️Business owners suffering from Information Overload

✔️Managers looking to grow their business

✔️Companies looking to enter new markets

✔️Companies planning social campaigns

✔️Entrepreneurs who want a marketing plan but don’t have the budget

This video course breaks down all the things you need to know and take action on into bite-size five to ten-minute daily video lessons. We’ll cover everything from understanding your target customers and determining product/service pricing to creating content and marketing strategies that capture attention and drive sales. We’re also offering access to the course for just £21, so getting started will only take £1 a day!


Enrich Your Digital Marketing Knowledge in 21 Days


As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Learn how to make the most of the time you and your employees put towards digital marketing through the 21-day Toucan-Marketing  course! 


The videos will help you determine the most important platforms and content plans for engaging with your potential customers, and help you understand what’s needed for creating a successful digital marketing strategy. Plus, the topics are focused towards small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), so we’ll point you towards practical action steps that don’t require an FTSE 100-sized budget to make a reality.


What You’ll Learn in Our Digital Marketing Course


Once you’ve signed up for the course, you’ll receive one short video a day from our team for three weeks. The outline of course topics includes:


Learn From Laura Farkas, an Expert on Digital Marketing for SMEs


The 21-day digital marketing course is led by Toucan founder Laura Farkas. Laura has worked with hundreds of SMEs over the years, and founded and runs her very own boutique UK marketing agency serving small businesses in all aspects of digital marketing, including SEO, web design, sales funnel development, social media, and content creation. 


With an extensive background in agency work, Laura’s dedicated her career to developing and offering improved digital marketing solutions to SMEs. Recognizing that the high-cost and less-than-customizable marketing packages offered by larger agencies don’t typically serve smaller businesses well, Laura’s focus in her agency, and in the 21-day course, is to help those leading smaller businesses achieve greater success in digital marketing. 


Along with managing a multitalented and multinational team in her own business, Laura has experience with some of the biggest copywriting companies in the UK and the US and currently writes a LinkedIn Newsletter with over 1,000 engaged readers.

She’s also recently been awarded CMO of the Year 2022 in the Influential Businesswoman Awards, and has authored several books and collaborated with BookBoon.


Access the 21-Day Marketing Course Today

Take your digital marketing knowledge to the next level when you enrol in our 21-day digital marketing course now.

At just £1 a day, the course is an easy first step towards improving your business’ digital marketing performance, and we can’t wait to have you join us!

21 Days to Improve Your Digital Marketing

Read what others have to say about our training…

They are all professionals, kind and very accommodating. I can tell my thoughts without hesitations because I feel that they can help me right away. I am very satisfied on how they assist me on my social media campaign ad. Thankful that I found AOMC after months of searching, highly recommended.

Lucy Val

LV Goals

Laura was knowledgeable and professional and she gave me some great ideas of how I can market and grow my business – Thank you!

Alicia Kaur

UK training company

21 Days to Improve Your Digital Marketing
How Do I study online?

You can access every day’s lesson through the email link after registering for the course.

Is there a catch?

No, the course is yours for life, as well as the downloadable sheets. 

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 7-day cooling off period and a 30-day cancellation period. 

*We guaratee you that if you follow the programme for 21 days you will be able to grow your business online!

21 Days to Improve Your Digital Marketing