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 As an affiliate, it is your job to keep an eye on the latest trends in online marketing and adjust your promotion strategy to suit your target niche and your products. If you have limited time to track the changes that can affect your affiliate marketing business, below you will find a few of them listed below, so you can change your promotion methods and stay on top of your competition.

1. Mobile Marketing

Believe it or not, mobile marketing is coming back. It is happening, and more than one way. First, you can create beacon ads that will notify your subscribers of the discounts and deals offered by companies in their area. Second, apps and text messages are going to become more prominent. While you will have to check whether your affiliate contract or network allows you to use SMS marketing, it can be a great addition to your affiliate marketing strategy.

2. App Development

Of course, apps are going to become more popular in 2018, but they will be smarter and cooler than before. Instead of having one app for shopping, you will be able to create notifications and track conversions, while personalising your marketing messages to each user. Unfortunately, the cost of app development is still high, usually thousands of pounds one-time, or a monthly cost of around £50, so only big players will be able to take advantage of the marketing technology.

3. Personal Referrals

Smart affiliates will soon discover the secret of finding like-minded people and referring affiliates who will earn them some extra commission. If you would like to create your own affiliate marketing training program or provide a free eBook, you can attract people to sign up to your preferred CPA network. You can earn anything between 2 and 10 percent of their commissions, if you manage to recruit quality marketers.

4. The Rise of Influencers

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If you are not yet involved in influencer marketing, it might be time to look for collaboration opportunities and finding people who have spent a lot of time to get plenty of followers in your niche. While you might need to offer a reward, such as a payment for a guest post or feature article, it is worth the effort. Be careful, as some of the influencers, such as vloggers and bloggers might be your competitors.

5. Multichannel Marketing

Online marketing experts have predicted the rise of multichannel marketing for years, and it is likely that in 2018 it will become the absolute blueprint. You will need to use multiple marketing channels to reach out to a larger audience. The good news is that it is now easier than ever to track your traffic sources, conversions, and determine the quality of different visitors, so you can focus on the promotion methods that deliver the highest click-through rate and most sales.

6. Marketing Automation

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Artificial intelligence integration will also become a reality in 2018. You can expect smarter and more effective software to appear. The programs will not only track your traffic and results, but also use algorithms to give you predictions based on previous campaigns. While you shouldn’t rely on AI completely, look out for more intelligent software that can save you time and money on testing in the future.

7. Content Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Working Hand In Hand

It is unlikely that content will ever become something to ignore. The quality of content determines your visitor engagement, the trust of your readers, and your conversion rates. However, you will need to carry on trying to find new ways of connecting with various audiences; video, infographics, presentations, podcasts, webinars, and – of course – engaging social media posts.

8. Networks’ Competition Will Increase

With an increasing number of larger companies finally figuring out how to attract customers without having to pay a commission, you will see the number of offers decline or the variety of them decrease. This isn’t necessarily bad for you, though. With an increased competition of affiliate networks, you will be able to pick and choose the best offers and earn more commission.

9. Marketing Regulations

The regulation of online marketing is likely to continue in 2018. With the introduction of GDPR in the European Union, many online marketers have found it harder to get people to stay on their mailing list. To be compliant is crucial in affiliate marketing, and you will have to check the offers you sign up to promote to make sure that they don’t break any laws and you don’t get into legal trouble.

10. Facebook Ad Developments and Restrictions

Facebook advertising is likely to develop further and give you even more tools to optimize your ads. However, due to the latest fake news scandals and the problems untrustworthy sources can cause for the company, your ads and news are likely to be checked more rigorously. You should learn how to backup every claim and use proof, evidence, and sources before you create content for social media.

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If you are involved in affiliate marketing, it is important that you look out for the upcoming changes and anticipate their impact on your promotions. Social media and AI are likely to dominate the field, but the quality of content will still be crucial.