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In today’s fast-paced internet world, video is the most suitable way to grab the attention of your audience. Below you will find ten reasons why you should use video -based instead of articles and written content.

1. Better Distribution

Article marketing sites have been hit by search engine algorithm changes, YouTube has not. Indeed, you have a 50 times greater chance to rank high with a video than with a blog entry or article.

2. People Love Sharing Them

People share videos, They rarely share articles and blogs. This means that your brand can grow faster and you can gain reputation through videos. Research shows that videos are three times more likely to go viral than articles.

3. Great for Client Education

People who “grew up digital” are visual thinkers and learners. Grabbing the substance of the message for them is much easier through images than text, You also know that a picture is worth a thousand words, Just imagine how many words can a 5-minute video be worth.

black headphones on MacBook Pro

Imafge via whereslugo@whereslugo

4. Statistics for Your Affiliate Traffic

Unlike with article and blog marketing, you will get an insight into your audience. YouTube and other video sites provide you with statistical data about the age, gender, location and interests of your viewers, This will help you adjust your strategy and target the right people. No more shooting in the dark.

5. Entertaining Your Audience

People are not looking for advertisements. They are searching for entertainment. If your video about the product or service you offer is entertaining and catchy, you get at least fifty times more visitors than through a dry blog entry with one image.

6. Attention Span

clap board roadside Jakob and Ryan

Image via Jakob Owens@jakobowens1

Do you know how long your audience’s attention span is? It gets shorter every day, due to the increased use of the internet. Research shows that interactive communication “rewires the brain” and shortens attention span. You have much more chance of grabbing your audience’s attention with a visual effect than a headline, right?

7. Viral Possibilities and More Affiliate Traffic

The fastest way to gain social media traction is to get people to share your content. A funny video can go viral on Facebook, professional networks like Linked In and multiply the number of your followers in a short time. You can hardly achieve the same through article marketing.

8. Less Boring Than Articles

Videos are rarely boring. You have more chance of using your creativity and communicating your brand image through videos than a strictly formatted text. You can enhance words, images through special effects and draw the attention to what you really want to tell people.

9. Flexible Distribution

Video marketing is democratic and flexible. People can decide to skip parts, re-watch, bookmark or share the video. They can rate it based on their experience. You can get a lot of feedback for free, and your audience will be more likely to share their opinion on a short video than a long-winded article.

10. Building Your Personal Brand

You can appear as a PRO. Due to the low cost of video marketing and creation through professional agencies can create a distinguished image about your company. Anyone can publish a blog, but creating an entertaining, funny and attention-grabbing video is the game of the Big Guys. Do you want to belong to the masses or the “lucky few”?

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