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New WP Notepad for Membership Sites– What Does it Do?

I have bought many of Lance Tamashiro and Robert Plank’s products in the past, and have been looking forward to the new plugin. Their membership site WordPress plugin is one of the best on the market, and it made my life much easier. The WP Notepad keeps blog visitors engaged, and it makes them come back to your site. This way you are able to spend less time and money on traffic generation and more on writing your posts.

WP Notepad Functions

Once you have Membership Cube, you will be able to allow members to store their notes inside their members’ area, and the notes would be built in to the software. It is a clever way, and when people do not wish to sign up to your Facebook or Twitter account, they can handle everything in one place. If you run a membership site, you would like people to recognize the results you provide them. That is exactly what WP Notepad does.

Keep Members on Your Site

Members often get distracted and lose the thread, after visiting a couple of sites. If you want your members to stay with you for longer and really listen to you, you would need to make sure that they use the site. The majority of people cancelling subscriptions do so because they have no time to review all the content, or they get distracted. However, if members can follow up their own success and progress, they would stay motivated.


Final Words about WP Notepad

Overall, the WordPress Notepad is another brilliant idea, and for a low introductory price of seven bucks, it is also a steal. If you want to take your membership site to the next level, for a one-off fee you are able to improve the retention rate of your Word Press membership site.


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